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Tracked Mini Loader

Our Tracked mini loader is the ideal solution to all limited access sites.

At only 1050mm wide we can fit almost any where and with tracks sand / Mud / or turf is no issue.

Our mini loader is fitted with the following attachments - 

  • 150mm Trencher

  • Augers - 250 / 350 / 450 / 600mm  to a depth of 2.4m

  • Spreader bar for leveling

  • 4 in 1 bucket

  • Pallet forks

  • Stump grinder

  • Poly ripper - feeds 13mm trickle irrigation to a preset depth

Tipper Hire

Our 6.5T Tipper is small enough to fit down most driveways and through a standard double gate.

Only 2m wide we can access your yard with ease.

With a carring capacity of 3.5T and retractable tarp we can deliver a range of materials or remove rubbish from your property with ease.


We have a range of Excavators from 1.7T to 5T.

Our machines are all fitted with a range of Attachments -

  •  GP buckets from 300mm to 1m wde with tilt heads for final trim accuracy.

  • Ripper fitted with rock tooth

  • Fitted with dial grade laser systems our machines are capable of  single operator digging to grade or levels with accuracy

  • Leveling bars

  • Augers - 250 / 350 / 450 / 600mm  to a depth of 2.4m